When one gets a “tickle in the throat” shouldn’t it cause a laughing fit rather than a coughing fit?

Though, it is probably easier to forgive someone speaking on the phone that gets a coughing fit.  Laughing uncontrollably in the middle of a conversation won’t pass if you say, between giggles, “sorry, I had a tickle in my throat.”

Snip Snip

I was doing some man-scaping recently and while carefully using the scissors I impulsively started singing the “Merry Ol’ Land of Oz” song from the film with some slight lyric alterations.  “Snip, snip here, snip, snip there and a couple of la-dee-da’s…that’s how we shape our private parts in the merry ol’ land of Oz.”

The Mice & the Maze

I recently read about the old drug, Methylene Blue and how after extensive testing they discovered it was an aid in fighting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia which is awesome news.

It did get me to thinking on how they knew this.  Did a mouse have a worry that it was becoming forgetful and eventually started turning up in places it had once frequented for no apparent reason?  And then suddenly after being given the Methylene Blue, it remembered just where it was it had left that piece of cheese and had no issues working its way around a maze.

At least now they won’t have to take the mouse’s car keys away from him.