In Conclusion

Well…there it is.  Mission accomplished.  I set out to post 365 different “What doesn’t kill you…” sayings, one for each day of the year, and I’ve done that.  What does it mean?  Absolutely nothing.  But I had fun and to my loyal readers…all 3 of you (okay, 2 not including me)…I hope you did too.

But that’s not the end.  The wise guy continues.  I’ll spend more time on my other subjects and hopefully come up with other stuff as well.  So keep reading, you guys.  You need to stay tuned…at any moment I may say something brilliant!  We can always keep dreaming, can’t we?


What doesn’t kill you makes you have no assembly required.  WAIT!  I meant it makes you grow a huge set of stones.  Kidney…not the other kind.  WAIT!  I meant it makes you habit forming.  Darn it!  What I really want to say after 364 postings on the subject is this…

What doesn’t kill you makes you stranger.  Dammit!  Missed it by one letter.