What doesn’t kill you makes you a harbinger of good will.  I don’t know if the words “harbinger” and “good will” go together.  Harbinger doesn’t have that nice sound to it that most good words do.  Harbinger sounds like the name for an avenging angel type of super hero in a comic.  The Harbinger!  Beware the Harbinger!  The Harbinger knows!  I think you should go with being a “practitioner” of good will.  Although, the practitioner sounds like someone that has to constantly get bailed out by the Harbinger.  What doesn’t kill you can get very complicated.


What doesn’t kill you makes you want to eat lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams along with pumpkin pie, apple pie, whip cream &  then wash it all down with egg nog or coffee or the after dinner beverage of your choice and sit on the couch with loosened pants and watch football till you aren’t even sure which teams are playing.  Of course this may only apply if you live in America and celebrate Thanksgiving.  But whether you do or don’t, the most important thing is to remember to give thanks if you are lucky enough to be spending your time with the ones you love and having a warm place you can call home.  They call it Thanksgiving for a reason.