What doesn’t kill you makes you dance till the cows come home.  Once the cows come home you scramble to get the barn back to looking like it did when they first left leaving no evidence that anything out of the ordinary had taken place.  When suspicion does arise one cow approaches another asking, “How now brown cow?”  A small smile curls upon your lips, satisfied with another successful evening.

I Thought

I Thought…

The first words in a common start to an excuse.

The first words in a common start to a suggestion.

A new idea from the people at Apple, Inc.  Usually spelled iThought.


What doesn’t kill you makes you whine like a 10 year old schoolgirl.  Why do 10 year old schoolgirls get such a bad rep?  I know some 10 year old schoolgirls that can knock the stuffin’ out of you.  You want some real whiners?  Check out pro sport locker rooms.  There’s more whine in there then a connoisseur’s cellar.



Disgusting usage – oozing wound; oozing fluids; oozing sore.

Nice usage – oozes charisma; oozes charm; oozes enthusiasm

Creative usage – ooze & aahs.


What doesn’t kill you makes you feel like you’ve been dragged by a garbage truck for 3 miles then dropped from a two story building onto a trampoline tilted at a 45 degree angle, jettisoning you across a busy 4 lane highway where you eventually land in a patch of thorny rose bushes that never bloom.  (This goes out to all our friends who are fighting the flu and feel roughly the same way.)