Chap Stick

Chap Stick…

A waxy balm used for moisturizing your lips.

A Brit’s expression when asking a friend to remain where he is.

A common condition experienced by horsemen after riding too long in the hot sun.

A Pause to Refresh

Drinking plenty of water is important to everyone’s good health.  But I do think you need to be discerning.  Despite the popularity of Spring Water, I wouldn’t drink it in the Autumn nor Autumn Water in the Summer.  Summer Water is pretty good most times but always beware Winter Water. Don’t be fooled by its great alliteration…although that does sound pretty cool.  No pun intended.


Belief in one’s self is paramount to any amount of success in life.  But this still pale’s in comparison to the amount of stuff you get when you have belief in Santa Claus.  Interestingly, belief in one’s self is somehow harder than believing in Santa Claus.