Santa’s Flight

With the stars twinkling on a clear night with just the faint hint that snow clouds could move in and create the picture perfect scenario for a Christmas Eve, Santa sores overhead in his magic sleigh led by eight tiny reindeer.

Little gifts come plummeting down on an unsuspecting village below causing Kris Kringle to realize that he should have had each reindeer take care of business at the last rest stop before resuming his now, slightly less magical trip.

But we heard him claim as he drove out of site, “Pooper scoopers for all and to all a good night!”

Merry Christmas

Post Thanksgiving Blues

It is always depressing coming to the end of a long weekend, especially one as joyous and festive as the Thanksgiving weekend.  After celebrating at dinner with family, braving the crowds on Black Friday, helping the local economy of Small Business Saturday and finally football & leftovers on Sunday, you are faced with returning to work on Monday and having to move forward with one overwhelming feeling from within the pit of your stomach…gas.