The Seven Me’s

I recently realized that I can be much like all seven dwarves of “Snow White” fame during the course of an average day.

When I wake up I’m Happy until I realize it’s a weekday & I have to go to work which makes me Grumpy.  While at work I am often forced into meetings where I meet new folks and I get Bashful.  Some of these folks carry germs and after shaking their hands I catch their cold & become Sneezy.  Getting sick makes you weary and by the end of the day I get Sleepy.  I take some cold pills which makes me feel Dopey.  And for those of you that think I can’t come up with one for the last dwarf, my initials are MD which makes me doc.

Ha, ha.

A New Order

Okay….I’m a guy that likes routine but also change, if that makes any sense.  In other words, I like to change up the routine once in a while or I get bored.  I suppose that’s why a life in the entertainment field suits me because you do just that from one project to the other.

So, in that spirit I am proposing a new order to how we set up our yearly routine so we don’t get stuck with long strings of either too hot or too cold weather.

Let’s take a look at a standard wall calendar that shows all 12 months at a glance and use that as our blueprint.  Let’s set up the months going vertically from top to bottom & left column to right.  This way our new calendar year will run like this…

Jan, April, July, Oct, Feb, May, Aug, Nov, Mar, June, Sept & Dec.  Following this design, we’ll still start off the new year in January & end with the holidays in December just so folks don’t get too stressed out since not everybody embraces change.  But the genius part…yes I said genius…is that my way, we’ll have cold in January followed by a moderate April then a hot July, back to a cool October and then a cold February and a moderate May….

You following this?  It’ll be awesome.  Whoever thought of bunching all the cold months & hot months together in one long stretch clearly wasn’t thinking things through.  My way would make for better moods and temperaments and keep us from getting into depressing ruts with either too much rain, snow or humidity.

Let’s get behind this you whacky people of earth.  Only we can make it happen!

{This message was brought to you by the good people who humor Michael and don’t want to see his fragile  “genius” shattered}



An extension from a vertical structure which often supports extensions on buildings and homes.


What the Italian immigrant says when mooning over his lover despite her indifference to him.