Every year in my church we take up a collection for charity for something called “Peter’s Pence.”  Now as a person who spent 12 years going to Catholic schools I knew full well what “Peter’s Pence” was but to a kid it always sounded more like “Peter’s Pens” which made little sense or “Peter’s Pants” which is what I still call it.  THAT made perfect sense because, in my mind, Peter’s pants do him no good unless he has something in his POCKETS.

So get it up…it IS for charity.

A Time to Drink

Having had an exceedingly rough day in a string of exceedingly rough days, I felt myself in dire need of a stiff drink.  So I poured myself a big cup of Kool-Aid and put it in the freezer. A short time later I removed it and was able to enjoy an ice pop.  Not the drink you thought I may be looking for, but they don’t come much stiffer and I did feel better afterwards.

There’s a lesson buried in there someplace but don’t ask me to find it for you.


Is it just me or do Pez dispensers look like something out of a medieval drama where everyone’s heads end up on a pike?

“Ha-ha you super hero and comic strip types!  I will have your heads on a stick and eat candy out of your neck!”

Yeah, that’s a pretty serious threat.

You’ll never look at a Pez dispenser the same way again.